the world's best meat-
reared in open pasture and natural grasses

we deliver the finest meat right to your front door.

A small select product range and cuts which represent the unique qualities of the animal. We oversee all aspects of our supply chain and we personally butcher selected cuts with the concept of making them easy to prepare in your own kitchen .
products to order

from animals grown in the best places on earth

meat from Paradise

Premium lamb from New Zealand, Kangaroo from the wilds of Australia, 100% grass-fed Angus and premium Wagyu.

About us

In 1997 Dean Malcolm, a New Zealander, founded his company in Barcelona as an importer and provider of premium quality meat to restaurants, hotels and private yachts. 

Following a life growing up immersed in and around the farming of premium animals, Dean brought an acute understanding and knowledge of the methodology involved. The end result being a specialist meat supplier of unprecedented quality right here in Spain - Drawing on global influences and inspiration to create a unique product offer, and infusing it with passion, teamwork and the celebration of food.

Dean dedicated himself fulfilling the demanding requirements of most of the world-leading chefs at the pinnacle of Spains restaurant industry. Carles Gaig has called his lamb and wagyu beef the best in the world. 

In this transformative era of 2020 Dean saw the need to offer these personalised and hand-selected products to home chefs as we move towards greater quality cooking in the comfort of our own homes. 
Now you can enjoy easy to prepare, world-class meats that were previously only available in restaurants. 

We bring to you a lifetime of farming knowledge and leading chef provisioning experience, delivering it personally and directly to your kitchen. 

Enjoy the best in your own home!

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